What’s in a Hobby

When you begin to consider any of your physical exercises as routines or even hobbies, you know thing are going right with your regimen. If you’re already to that point, I’d even wager you’re quite healthy both physically and mentally, because it’s not that easy to say “Running is my hobby!” In fact, growing up I used to hate running. I’d proudly proclaim that I hated running or that it was the worst thing out there.

To an extent, part of me still hates it. But the more I do it, the less I hate it. So, I feel like hating running simply stemmed from not getting in a habit of just going out and doing it. What I’ve come to find that’s amazing about running is that if I’m just not in the mood for a harder run to push myself, I can always scale back and jog some or even just walk quickly.

One of the hardest things for me to do, though, is run inside on a treadmill. I think that I think about it too much once I’m on a treadmill, because I’m not actually out in nature experiencing new things. But when I’m on a trail and running, things are so much better.

I think if something were to happen to me though that kept me off my feet for an extended period of time, I’d be a bit of a different person throughout the duration. Running makes me happier, it helps me sleep better, it makes my mind more acute, and it just fills me with vigor throughout the day. I’m starting to look at it as a hobby the more I do it, just as I noted above.

But I have no doubts that I’d be pretty down and “off” if I were to get hurt. And getting hurt like that wouldn’t just put a damper on my spirits, it could keep me from going to my job for more than a few weeks. The good thing with that, though, is that I have disability insurance.

With disability insurance, I’m free of worrying about how I’ll sustain my income even away from the job. While I’ll still be stressing about not being able to run, at the very least I won’t be wanting for an income on a monthly basis thanks to my policy.

For anyone out there who has a hobby they like and a job that pays the bills, I advise you to go out and get this insurance ASAP. If something were to happen to you and keep you off the job, how would you make ends meet?

Hobbies and Insurance

When you’re off having fun and doing the things you love, you often don’t think about anything else other than those hobbies or activities. Why would you devote the time of day to anything else when you’re trying to make the most out of your trips and fun times?

Well, perhaps you don’t need to think about this during your hobbies, but it’s something you should probably think about beforehand to prevent the worst from happening. This “thing” we’re talking about is life insurance.

A lot of people feel that this type of insurance is “extra” or completely useless, but if you do a lot of traveling, partying, or just doing things that may put your safety at risk in the slightest, you should be hopping on an insurance policy without hesitation.

Check out our list of “fun” life hobbies that warrant getting a policy. Just in case.


This is actually one of those things that’s incredibly beneficial to you and your body. It’s beautiful, it’s good for your mental health, and it’s a really rewarding hobby when you start climbing crazy tall mountains and being one with nature.

However, it can also be pretty dangerous if you were to slip, fall, or even be attacked by some sort of wildlife. All of these things can spell doom for you, but don’t let them spell doom for your family’s financial situation.

You definitely can go in with a prepared group and the right gear, and you can safely traverse even the toughest of trails out there. Nonetheless, you still need insurance for these trips.

Traveling abroad.

If you travel frequently, it’s kind of a “no duh” kind of move to get life insurance. Being in a far off country where you’re quite unaccustomed to the customs can be dangerous for you, and that’s especially so if you’re not familiar with the lay of the land, too. Having insurance is pretty much essential in case the worst were to happen. At the very least, owning a policy would give you and your family members some peace of mind.

Road tripping.

Finally, driving cross country is quite dangerous just considering the statistics of Americans being injured and dying more often in car accidents than anything else. Just because you or your friends are safe drivers doesn’t mean that everyone else around you is (thus the term “defensive driving”).

Just be sure to have the right insurance policies and all of your fun hobbies will still be fun hobbies with not too much to worry about.

You Need These 3 Insurances

When you start “growing up” and doing more adult things like handling your own bills, moving into your own place, and all around just fending for yourself, it can feel pretty great. Your independence is a huge thing worth developing if you’ll ever make it on your own, so it’s something that’s important to key on step by step.

Budgeting is a big part of becoming an adult too, though, and that can be one of the top things young adults struggle with during the transition. Food and alcohol are likely a huge part of young adults’ budgets until they reel in the spending on eating out and purchasing booze.

Another one, though, that they don’t consider is insurance. When you’re budgeting, there are a few insurances you should keep in mind to account for, as all of these are pretty much essential for your life.

Car insurance.

This is the most common insurance people own because it’s pretty much illegal to not have an insurance policy for your car. The reason isn’t to protect yourself. Rather, it’s to protect other drivers in the off chance that you do them harm. If you happened to be in an accident and were found to be at fault without insurance, you could have some pretty hefty fines and worse. So, this will be the first insurance you obtain (and likely already have had since 16, whether or not you were paying for it).

Health insurance.

When you hear the word insurance, this is likely the first thing to pop into your mind. That’s because it’s the most recognizable, the most useful (for the most part), and the most often used. Without it, you could possibly die from either illness or crippling debt. There’s no other way around it: you need health insurance. Don’t shirk on the likes of this type of insurance when it’s pretty much something you have to have. Need more incentive to get a policy? You’ll get flagged on your tax returns if you don’t have health insurance.

Disability insurance.

This insurance isn’t as widely held as you’d imagine. For the most part, people believe they’re covered in some way by their employer if they were to get hurt on the job. The problem is, no one considers who’s covering them when they get hurt or sick off the job. Your answer? No one but yourself in the form of life insurance wilkes-barre PA Or a disability insurance policy. For a very cheap plan, you can be covered against any loss in income that may befall you if you’re very ill or very injured for a long period of time.

With Spring Comes New Things

Spring is finally here after what seems like an incredibly long winter.

Actually, that’s the way it’s been seeming to go a lot lately, hasn’t it? Our summers last quite awhile, then fall rolls around for about a month and a half, winter slams us for almost 5 months, and then we can enjoy spring again! (At least for 40 days or so.)

It’s funny how the mildest seasons, our favorite, seem to last the shortest whereas the harsher months can go on for almost half the year, isn’t it?

With spring, though, comes life. Spring is all about rejuvenation, reinvigoration, and restoration. It’s a great time to get out, smell the fresh rain (which this scent is called petrichor, by the way), and be among the lush greenery of nature. People get more active, more social, and generally just more energized and happy.

Because spring is a great symbol for renewal and new life, it’s also a time that a lot of people take the chance to change up their ways. Spring cleaning isn’t just a mass house cleaning for fun around that time of year, you know. It’s a time to get everything in order, make your whole home fresh, and become happier with where you live.

Much in the same way, a lot of people take this time of year to tackle some of their goals they put on the backburner just days after the new year started. Some of those goals may relate to fitness. Some are about bonding with family and friends. And even still, some are about finances.

Myself, I’ve taken the liberty of trying to achieve my goals of eat better and drink less. You see, I was (still am) a big beer drinker. But I’ve realized lately how it’s affected my gut and even my energy during the day. I’ve taken a massive cut in spending on beer and bought nicer tequilas instead, which actually encourages me to savor the great flavor and have them last longer opposed to drinking the entire bottle in a week. It sounds a bit odd to most when I tell them this, but it’s something that has been going quite smoothly for me.
Some other things I want to do this spring, though, is purchase a life insurance policy and start to run more. The latter is one thing I’ve already begun doing but need to stick to the plan to really engrain it in my mind as a habit. But life insurance is something that is a bit “bigger” of a jump for me, per se. It’s not that it should be a big jump for anyone. It’s just that I’ve been lazy in putting off some financial things that I really need, so it’s a good step in the right direction for me.