Putting Things Off Can Add Up

Sometimes life gets in the way. We all know the saying. But sometimes, life really does get in the way of some of the more important things you should be doing. Sometimes, you put off things you reaaaaally shouldn’t put off.

I’m currently in the midst of putting off some important things. Take getting my oil changed, for example. That’s something I haven’t done in quite awhile, and my old truck can’t handle an irregular oil change schedule since it’s on its last leg and sitting at 270 thousand miles.

Another thing I’ve been neglecting to take care of? My teeth.

I haven’t been to the dentist in over a year, and I know that my dental health is suffering because of it. It’s not that I have bad teeth by any means. It’s just that I think I may have a slight case of gingivitis because of poor gum health and not flossing daily.

That’s how it goes sometimes, though. Other things take precedence and your priorities get all mixed around, and suddenly you’re a year out since your last visit to the dentist. And unfortunately, that’s how it often goes in the busy and bustling American life. We let our work lives and paying the bills get ahead of us, so then we put other important health-related things behind us.

Luckily, typing out an article like this really helps to make me realize how important an oil change or a dentist visit really is, so I’m much more likely to schedule appointments for both ASAP upon posting this.

Luckily, my teeth aren’t in as bad of shape as they could be. My truck isn’t as run down for an old vehicle as it could be.

But that’s why I’ve really got to tend to both if I want to keep it that way. Otherwise, they both will deteriorate into worse conditions, and that’s the last thing I want. Because that ultimately means more money spent, and that’s something I was trying to avoid in the first place!

It’s all a cycle, really. It’s all intertwined, so putting one thing off in the effort of saving money can actually cost you more in the long run. All it takes is a little bit of neglect or forgetting one small thing, and suddenly it all snowballs.

Ultimately, check ups and oil changes and all of those routine appointments need to be scheduled in advance for you to stick to it. If you just fly by the seat of your pants, things will fall through the cracks, and that’s exactly what I’ve let happen.