Insurance and Alcohol

Financially, some things we as humans do just don’t make a whole lot of sense. Considering it’s a lot smarter to invest your money and attempt to save when you can (and just budget in general), a lot of hobbies that we are unwilling to give up may strike people as weird or just useless altogether.

Consider alcohol, for example. While some people factor in a large portion of their income towards alcohol (typically unknowingly, such as alcoholics), others prefer to collect higher end liquors but have the income to do so.

If you ask someone who doesn’t drink what they think about spending a decent portion of their income on alcohol, though, they’d likely say that they just flat out don’t get it.

And I mean, that’s how I am when I hear people collecting certain things like baseball cards, or model sets, or even rare video games. I, myself, have no use for those things and absolutely zero interest in any of them. But that’s what makes humanity pretty interesting: we all have different hobbies and collections that we’ve learned to enjoy and refine over the years.

I’ve never been an alcohol connoisseur, but rather a consumer of different and interesting beers. I honestly couldn’t tell you what goes into the process of certain beers and what flavors and notes I’m picking up when drinking them, but I genuinely enjoy trying new beers and finding favorites.

But tequila has suddenly taken me by storm. I was never a liquor drinker until very recently, and it’s suddenly struck a chord that makes me want to collect a few nicer bottles and savor them.

Up front, the costs may not make sense because nothing has “happened” yet besides owning them and knowing they’ll come in use later.

In a weird and stretched sense, it’s kind of like life insurance. Sure, nothing happens upfront other than paying for seemingly nothing, but it’s the fact that you now “have” it and that it’ll see use down the road. Life insurance doesn’t make sense to people who see insurance as costly and not worth it, but honestly, it’s completely worth it to those who have purchased a policy. Much in the same way, my collection is absolutely worth the costs.

So, while dropping a few hundred dollars on different bottles of liquor may baffle some, it’s worth it to me in that I’ll have grown a small collection that I can savor and appreciate, and only when I finish a bottle (over the course of many months) can I then decide if I liked the bottle enough to get another or try a new one out. It’s a pretty fun process to me, and I’ll eventually know what tequilas I really enjoy and which ones I wouldn’t buy again.