What’s in a Hobby

When you begin to consider any of your physical exercises as routines or even hobbies, you know thing are going right with your regimen. If you’re already to that point, I’d even wager you’re quite healthy both physically and mentally, because it’s not that easy to say “Running is my hobby!” In fact, growing up I used to hate running. I’d proudly proclaim that I hated running or that it was the worst thing out there.

To an extent, part of me still hates it. But the more I do it, the less I hate it. So, I feel like hating running simply stemmed from not getting in a habit of just going out and doing it. What I’ve come to find that’s amazing about running is that if I’m just not in the mood for a harder run to push myself, I can always scale back and jog some or even just walk quickly.

One of the hardest things for me to do, though, is run inside on a treadmill. I think that I think about it too much once I’m on a treadmill, because I’m not actually out in nature experiencing new things. But when I’m on a trail and running, things are so much better.

I think if something were to happen to me though that kept me off my feet for an extended period of time, I’d be a bit of a different person throughout the duration. Running makes me happier, it helps me sleep better, it makes my mind more acute, and it just fills me with vigor throughout the day. I’m starting to look at it as a hobby the more I do it, just as I noted above.

But I have no doubts that I’d be pretty down and “off” if I were to get hurt. And getting hurt like that wouldn’t just put a damper on my spirits, it could keep me from going to my job for more than a few weeks. The good thing with that, though, is that I have disability insurance.

With disability insurance, I’m free of worrying about how I’ll sustain my income even away from the job. While I’ll still be stressing about not being able to run, at the very least I won’t be wanting for an income on a monthly basis thanks to my policy.

For anyone out there who has a hobby they like and a job that pays the bills, I advise you to go out and get this insurance ASAP. If something were to happen to you and keep you off the job, how would you make ends meet?