With Spring Comes New Things

Spring is finally here after what seems like an incredibly long winter.

Actually, that’s the way it’s been seeming to go a lot lately, hasn’t it? Our summers last quite awhile, then fall rolls around for about a month and a half, winter slams us for almost 5 months, and then we can enjoy spring again! (At least for 40 days or so.)

It’s funny how the mildest seasons, our favorite, seem to last the shortest whereas the harsher months can go on for almost half the year, isn’t it?

With spring, though, comes life. Spring is all about rejuvenation, reinvigoration, and restoration. It’s a great time to get out, smell the fresh rain (which this scent is called petrichor, by the way), and be among the lush greenery of nature. People get more active, more social, and generally just more energized and happy.

Because spring is a great symbol for renewal and new life, it’s also a time that a lot of people take the chance to change up their ways. Spring cleaning isn’t just a mass house cleaning for fun around that time of year, you know. It’s a time to get everything in order, make your whole home fresh, and become happier with where you live.

Much in the same way, a lot of people take this time of year to tackle some of their goals they put on the backburner just days after the new year started. Some of those goals may relate to fitness. Some are about bonding with family and friends. And even still, some are about finances.

Myself, I’ve taken the liberty of trying to achieve my goals of eat better and drink less. You see, I was (still am) a big beer drinker. But I’ve realized lately how it’s affected my gut and even my energy during the day. I’ve taken a massive cut in spending on beer and bought nicer tequilas instead, which actually encourages me to savor the great flavor and have them last longer opposed to drinking the entire bottle in a week. It sounds a bit odd to most when I tell them this, but it’s something that has been going quite smoothly for me.
Some other things I want to do this spring, though, is purchase a life insurance policy and start to run more. The latter is one thing I’ve already begun doing but need to stick to the plan to really engrain it in my mind as a habit. But life insurance is something that is a bit “bigger” of a jump for me, per se. It’s not that it should be a big jump for anyone. It’s just that I’ve been lazy in putting off some financial things that I really need, so it’s a good step in the right direction for me.